DefCamp 2014


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Had a great time this weekend during DefCamp 2014. This was by third CTF and the first I was able to dedicated the required amount of time to. I participated with a great group of guys under the OverFlowsec team flag. Or bunny rabbit in this case. The teams were limited to 5 and I was happy to fill one of those slots. Overall we finished 36th out of a 600 teams so I feel pretty good about that.


The CTF seemed to be well run not a lot of issues overall. There were a few glitches here an there like other teams deleting parts of a challenge to prevent others from obtaining the flag and a machine or two that had some stability issues. This was a jeopardy style CTF that required a VPN to access the target machines. There were 20 challenges with 2 additional bonus challenges later in the event. We were able to take down all but 8. The categories were Quest, Web, Network, Exploit, Misc, and Bonus. Although these categories seem to be more of a guideline for example one of the network challenges I would consider more web and there were lots of other overlaps.


Overall a great CTF and a great learning experience for me. I would like to thank the organizers and the guys over OverFlowSec for putting up with me. I will post a couple write-ups to some of the challenges that I actually took some notes on.

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